Batman: What will happen to Bruce Wayne after the Joker War ends?

The Joker War ravaged Gotham City and the existence of the Dark Knight. Billed as one of the roughest series of events ever written for the universe of Batman The work signed by James Tynion IV respected the requirements made and made the Joker an even more formidable opponent.

Bruce then struggled to retake the city For which she has fought for years and rejects smaller crimes such as the deepest corruption, also thanks to her many allies. But the Joker not only angered Gotham, it also appropriated Batman's high-tech gadgets and Bruce's entire legacy. An aspect that brings this story closer to the fantastic city of Bane by Tom King.

The end of the war, featured in Volume 100 of the regular series, put Gotham back into Batman's hands, and this could be the basis for a "rebirth" not only for the city but for the Crusader as well. In the same issue Batman faces clown hunterswhich Bruce provokes by saying how long he would have easily managed to stop the chaos wrought by his archenemy, and pointing out how little influence he has left on criminals.

Despite being able to regain control of the situation, Batman has lost the trust of the locals. it no longer represents the symbol of justice that it was in the pastand to get it back Bruce may have to change his approach. Remember, Wayne becomes Dark Detective in the Future State series, and we'll leave you to the new power of Batman featured in the latest installment of Detective Comics.

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