After a few weeks break, the second part of the manga is over Chainsaw Man returns with a new chapter already available for free reading on MangaPlus. Let's find out what happens in Chapter 113 of Tatsuki Fujimoto's popular Shonen work.

in the Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 We see Asa and Yoru preparing for their first romantic date with Denji, the one chosen to be sacrificed and become a weapon powerful enough to kill the hated devil chainsaw. But will this Chainsaw Man theory prove true?

L'gallant date between Asa and Denji takes place in an aquarium, where the girl explains in detail the physiology of a sea anemone. Denji is visibly bored with the information he is being given, but when he asks to be able to visit the Asa penguins, he replies that they will admire the anemones for another ten minutes as planned.

The same is repeated when the two stop to admire the starfish. However, when Asa tells Denji that they will be looking at the stars for another 30 minutes, the boy finally decides to go away alone to see the penguins. At this point Yoru accuses Asa of being totally boring and ruined their plan.

However, in the middle of Asa and Yoru's discussion, a third woman appears who supports Asa, saying that she can never turn Denji into a weapon. Eventually, this mysterious figure reveals his identity by introducing himself as the devil hungry, the War Devil's older sister. When Yoru suddenly disappears, Asa and Denji are trapped in the aquarium. We leave you with the Chainsaw Man author's manga advice.

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