Online debates in Japan are hot on key elements that draw women to anime. Many argue that missing these can spell doom for a show's success. With more women watching anime, the audience is changing. A 2022 survey showed 62% of male and 48% of female high schoolers watch anime weekly.


Perceptions are shifting. Anime isn't just for young men anymore. Series that hit it big lately appeal to both genders with deep stories and characters that defy clichés. Including content that women like doesn't just widen an anime's appeal; it also boosts its quality. Stories that touch on common emotional experiences tend to stick with viewers longer.

Some, however, think that adding female-focused content can water down a show's unique flavor, and trying to please everyone might strip away what makes anime special.

Let's see what Japanese fans think:

  • «Lycoris Recoil and Bocchi the Rock! are rare hits aimed at men in recent years».
  • «More often, it's the women-targeted shows that don't do well. Anime needs to balance its appeal».
  • «Gone are the days when fan service alone could sell a show».
  • «It's funny that Lycoris Recoil is tagged as 'for men'».
  • «Jujutsu Kaisen's success owes a lot to its female fans».
  • «Women talk about what they like online, while men are quieter. This can affect a show's fame».
  • «Women buy most anime merch. Men's lack of spending has shifted the industry's focus».
  • «Men spend more on games than anime goods, yet it's the latter that fills industry coffers».
  • «Shows like Sousou no Frieren and SPY x FAMILY are big because they appeal to everyone».
  • «Hard-ecchi animes rarely get renewed. The male-only market is shrinking».
  • «It's odd to think of Bocchi the Rock! as 'for men'».
  • «'Male anime' doesn't mean 'nudity'. Shows like Bocchi the Rock! succeed with men for other reasons».
  • «Now, anime is a common interest; it's likely both guys and girls have seen the same shows».
  • «Considering Oshi no Ko for women shows the flaw in making gender-specific anime today».
  • «Targeting one gender is risky. If a story's dull and relies on sex, it won't last».
  • «Those who disagree probably don't mix with women much. They're out of touch with reality».
  • «Now, men watch 'women's' shows too. It's no longer embarrassing to admit».
  • «A harem story with a hot lead never really works. Guys seem to prefer relatable, not-so-handsome protagonists».

In short, anime's future seems tied to its ability to engage a diverse audience. The industry's shift towards content that resonates with both men and women reflects this new reality. As the conversation goes on, it's clear that anime's success now depends on its adaptability and the willingness to offer a variety of stories.

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Source: Yaraon!

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