Everyone has owned a Tamagotchi as a kid, Bandai's legendary electronic game that allows users to raise their own virtual pet. A new version in collaboration with Spy x familyShe replaces the pet with cute little Anya.

Spy x Family is the hit of the hour and as such, the most diverse merchandise should not be missing. The last, magnificent, comes from Partnership between Spy x Family and Bandai. This agreement between the two franchises led to the creation of Tamagotchi, dedicated to the work of Tatsuya Endo.

The egg that contains the electronic device will be available in two variants, one bright green represents the entire Forger family, the other pink is inspired by Anya alone. The whole game is dedicated to Loid and Yor's daughter.

As a parent, the player will be able to do this choose Anya's outfit, including the Eden Academy uniform, a witch costume and a princess dress. The main task is this feed the little girl, who constantly supplies her with peanuts, her favorite food, but also keeps her happy with mini-games. The first two mini-games are dedicated to dodgeball and a word game, while the third has not yet been revealed.

Anya will make judgments about the "parents" by her own iconic expressions. Who knows what he's trying to tell you with the mythical face, the iconic He face recently adapted in the Spy x Family anime. If you fail, Anya will escape. Anya's Tamagotchi will debut in Japan in December priced at around US$19.

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