The various trailers of Demon Slayer 3 have been preparing viewers for the upcoming events for several months. With the film staged in Japanese theaters, it then examined what would have happened and gave a smattering of the setting and enemies that would have put a wrench in the works Tanjiro and companions to the village.

But now things are getting serious with the Crunchyroll debut of Demon Slayer season 3, this time featuring the actual first episode, picking up where the previous season left off. After the end of Daki and Gyutaro, the crescents that occupied the sixth place in the Muzan board, a clash of the strongest enemies occurs. Among them is Akaza, the third crescent moon, who engages in a brief argument with one of the two strongest demons.

And it is precisely in this situation, created in Kibutsuji Muzan's Fortress of Infinity, that the two strongest crescent moons are presented. The second moon is Douma, a man with very pale complexion and mostly blond hair, but with a conspicuous red spot in the center of his head, with an extroverted and pesky manner, at least for Akaza. However, the dispute is settled by the first of the waxing moons dangerous and terrifying Kokushiboa man with a face disfigured by three pairs of eyes, generally very reminiscent of a swordsman.

The video below from the first episode of Demon Slayer 3 shows the Kokushibo's face, complete with music that punctuates this moment. Did you expect such terrible beings?

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