Naruto: Let’s discover Shino Aburame’s creepy ninja techniques

One of the creepiest clans of the Leaf Village is hands down the Aburame Clan, a renowned family in the universe of Naruto for jutsu related to insects. Let's analyze the terrifying techniques used by Shino, the most powerful representative of his clan.

Unlike Uchiha's eye skills or Akimichi's magnification techniques, the Aburame clan is double bound to insects. The skills inherited from members of this family require special dedication and bring inconvenience and difficulty.

The descendants of the Aburams are coming Infusions at birth with Kikaichu insects, a specific race that nests in the body to feed on their chakra. This procedure turns the newborn's body into a living beehive, where insects are housed and fed in exchange for complete obedience.

There Dealing with insects It is the basis for the attacks by Shino and the entire Aburame clan. While it may seem like insects are summoned, they actually emerge from tiny holes in the body. This basic fighting technique therefore starts the insects looking for the opposing chakra. Shino can also summon insect copies of his body, as well as summon a swarm that can imprison the enemy.

The Aburame clan is then associated with a race of carnivorous insects called Kidaichu who can consume the flesh of the unfortunate victims. These insects can also act defensive by creating a shield for the host. Shino can do this too full research missions thanks to a certain female insect that can find allies or opponents through the scent of pheromones. A part of the swarm can also be released into the air to explore the area and gather information. Concerned about Aburame Clan's techniques? While we wait to discover the future of Shino in Boruto, we discover the strongest of the Uchiha in Naruto. Hashirama and Madara compete in a collector's statue of Naruto: Shippuden for over 1000 euros.

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