It's been several years now Hunter x Hunter has entered the succession to the throne saga. For centuries, Kakin's empire begins a battle of succession between the various princes that the emperor and his many wives have led, and only the fittest will be able to survive and become the new leader, controlling everything and everyone.

The fourteen princes of Kakin were thus compelled to take part in this fratricidal struggle, some doing it with pleasure and others just wanting to escape. However, it is not known what are the real intentions of Luzurus, seventh prince of Kakin and which for now is one of the most mysterious of this group. Little has appeared in Hunter x Hunter compared to the older brothers and many of the younger ones, in fact they appear physically in just five chapters.

The son of Queen Duazul, and thus younger brother to Camilla and Tubeppa and older brother to Halkenburg, he is the protector of one of Kakin's mafia families, the Cha-R. Luzurus is a not too tall man with very special hair, with a pointed nose, but above all with a character that is not yet clearly defined He seems aggressive and compassionate at the same time.

Besides the classic political powers and influence he wields as a prince, although not on the same level as his older brothers, he is also equipped with a guardian animal von nen that resembles a giant centipede. This animal is materialized but also uses manipulation techniques thanks to traps and lures that, once touched by the target, activate its power.

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