The manga from chainsaw man It was one of the most popular between 2018 and 2020, the years of its publication in Weekly Shonen Jump. Tatsuki Fujimoto has created a work steeped in madness and chaos, but it has not yet been finally resolved, since the second part on Shonen Jump + is in the works and will be resumed after a few years hiatus.

However, now the audience has widened with the success of the Chainsaw Man anime, certainly one of the most talked about at the season level. Slavically following the story created by Fujimoto, Studio MAPPA has created the excellent devils of Chainsaw Man, characters with a hellish appearance who must instill fear in order to gain more power. But what are they The best devils appeared in the first season of Chainsaw Man?

Let's pick three of all those that have appeared. I look forward to future We start in this top 3 with the Phantom Devil, a being with a cylindrical bust with a woman's head above it and about ten legs ending in prehensile feet. The creature summoned by Akane Saruwatari that killed Himeno is surely one of the most terrifying and beautiful to appear in the first season.

the Second in the standings is the Felsbane instead, which was used by Aki and which only lasted a few seconds, but enough to imprint its image in the minds of all viewers. Used against the Fel Katana, this summon features the Fel Curse, a series of bones and skulls that destroy the opponent.

In Instead, the Future Devil comes first, a being always controlled by Aki and guaranteed to partially see the future. His character, resembling a tree growing out of nowhere, is unique and immediately catches the eye, with a character that falls short of a devil's expectations.

Sure, many other devils have appeared, like the bat devil and the eternity devil, but these three are probably the best of this first phase. What do you think it is Chainsaw man season 1 devils top 3?

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