Nico Robin has been at the center of bigger battles in the now more than 1000 episodes of the anime from Never ONE PIECEbut the arrival of the Mugiwara in Wano and their involvement in the Onigashima War provided a more than fitting opportunity for the charming archaeologist to make a spectacular appearance on the battlefield.

In episode 1043 In fact, Nico Robin found himself against the giant Black Maria, one of the Six Flying Companions, an elite team among the finest in the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, led by Emperor Kaido. On several occasions we had the chance to see only part of it general skills of the archaeologistthis time, however, in view of the opponent's dangerousness, she decided to show her best techniques.

In the clip shown at the bottom of the page, Robin has achieved one through two years of training surprising mastery of the powers of the fior fior fruit. Mugiwara proves capable of creating a gigantic clone of her, surprising Black Maria herself.

Although Nico Robin always stays on the sidelines in major battles, his intervention in the Onigashima War revealed his as well Readiness and preparation on the battlefield. What do you think of this unexpected development between Robin and Black Maria? Were you surprised by the Mugiwara's trump cards? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, we want to remind you that the ONE PIECE anime will be on pause soon and we leave you the trailer of ONE PIECE episode 1044.

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