Finally, a globally successful work such attack on Titan it must not have been easy for Hajime Isayama, especially considering the many criticisms that were reaped after the release of Chapter 139. However, during his speech at Anime NYC 2022, the author confirmed that he conceived the ending in unexpected times.

The mangaka has already spoken about the controversies related to the end of the work, trying to resolve the dissatisfaction received after the release of the last chapter, adding pages to close in more detail some of the issues left open and those corresponding to the what he said would not have found a place in the magazine Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine along with the rest of the conclusion.

In his first public appearance at such an event, Anime NYC 2022, Isayama answered a question related to how his vision of the final in progress has changed. However, the answer surprised many of the fans present in the audience, since the author indicated that he had been thinking about this type of ending since the beginning of the story.

"I wanted to do that. I knew from the start where the story would endbut the details of how the protagonist would get there were not yet finalized', with these words, Isayama revealed his vision that lasted until the true conclusion of the series. Let us know what you think of the mangaka's words in the comments.

Finally we remember that during the convention Isayama revealed what is his favorite character in the series and we leave you an illustration of Attack on Titan in the style of Berserker.

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