First published in Weekly Shonen Jump in November 1984, dragon ball It was developed over the course of 520 chapters, published over the course of 11 years, and subsequently collected into 42 tankobons. Let's retrace the story of Goku and his companions, starting with the synopsis of the manga's first major saga: the legend of Pilaf.

With the traditional "There was once...Akira Toriyama immediately introduces the character of i am goku, a highly skilled child, an expert in martial arts thanks to the teachings of his late grandfather, Son Gohan. Goku lives alone on Mount Paozu and one day he meets Bulma, a girl who came there to look for the Seven dragon ballsArtifacts that together allow you to summon a dragon capable of expressing any wish.

Goku is in possession of the Four Star Sphere and Bulma asks him to follow her in the quest as the boy doesn't want to be separated from his grandfather's only memory. During the journey, after various vicissitudes, the two meet a turtle, Umigamewho wants to reach the sea. After helping the turtle return to its master, Goku and Bulma find themselves in front of Master Roshi, who wishes to thank them give Goku the golden cloudand after being persuaded, he gives the three-star orb to Bulma.

Arriving at the nearby village threatened by a monster kidnapping all the girls, the two protagonists decide to resolve the situation in exchange for the Six Star Sphere held by a local old woman. Actually the monster Oolong, a shapeshifter who is easily defeated by Goku and joins him and Bulma.

The three meet in the Diablo desert Yamcha and Paul. Arriving at Mount Padella, the protagonists meet the magician del Toro, who recognizes Goku's abilities and offers him an exchange: his sphere to reach his daughter and help her the thedirected to the island where Master Roshi lives, to have the Muse's fan and thus quench the flames of the mountain.

However, the master no longer possesses the fan and goes to the place himself to try to quench the fire with a powerful Kamehameha, a Technology that he has learned in 50 years of training, and that Goku manages to replicate himself in seconds. Near the last sphere, the group manages to enter the castle of Pilaf, the saga's antagonist who is also interested in the spheres. After imprisoning her, Pilaf attempts to summon the dragon using all seven spheres, but is interrupted by Olong and Paul, who escaped the cell thanks to the hole Goku created.

Olong wants women's panties, so the dragon disappears again by throwing the balls in seven different directions. Goku and the others manage to escape but look at the moon The protagonist turns into a giant monkeycompletely lose control. Paul turns into scissors and cutting off the monkey's tail causes Goku to return to normal.

Bulma and Yamcha go away together while Goku decides to go to Centennial Master Roshi to learn new techniques. Once in the Kame House Goku knows Krillin, another boy interested in the education of the famous turtle hermit. After bringing a very pretty girl to the master, he decides to train her. Thus begins an intense, albeit bizarre, preparation.

there Saga of Pilaf, narrated from chapters 1 to 33ends with Goku and Krillin, accompanied by Master Roshi, arriving in the city where the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament will be held.

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