Japan is gradually adopting stricter laws against manga and anime piracy. For some time now, however, the publishers have been moving together against the giants of this underground sector, often just thieves who take advantage of everything they can get. However, one of them had to be closed.

Kiss manga is Kissanime As you can see from the name, they are two separate portals, one for manga and one for anime, but they have the same structure and owners. The site hosted products in English, both official ones, those stolen directly from publishers and amateur ones made by fans.

The two became known in the industry, but an operation was conducted that night that marked the end of the two locations. In fact, the front of the two portals was hosted on servers of still unknown origin, but the image and video servers were instead those of Blogspot, a platform bought by Google. Discovered this, the legal forces have united and Then all of the material was removed from these two locations.

This led to the Loss of all anime and manga databases stolen over the yearsThis forces the managers to report the complete closure of the portals. Another blow to those who took advantage of the pirate sites after Mangarock closed.

Kissmanga is put down. by r / manga

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