The Pokémon Company International premiered a new animated short film of the project Pokémon, justified “Pokapoka Magumaggu House”(Cozy Slugma house), In the canal Pokémon Children’s TV from YouTube. Kazuhiko yabumoto (Animation director of Tiger & Bunny The Movie -The Rising-) is the director and screenwriter, with Shingo Yamashita as assistant director. Yasumi atarashi is the writer of the script. June Ishikawa designed the characters. Hiro nagasuna is responsible for conceptual art and artistic design. Studio colorful animated the short film.

Pokétoon’s first animated short film “POKÉTOON: Scraggy and Mimikyu“, Premiere in June 2020. Two new short films in the series”,Hero ni Naritai Yankhamu”(Pancham who wants to be a hero) J “Yume no Tsubomi”(Dreaming Tsubomi) premiered on May 5th and June 4th of this year. The channel Pokémon Children’s TV premiered in July the short film “Mattete ne Koiking”(Just wait, Magikarp).

Studio Colorful has produced a new animated short film for the Pokémon franchise

Pokémon Overview (Animated Franchise)

Pokémon are quirky creatures with a variety of different abilities and appearances; Many people known as Pokemon trainers catch and train them, often with the intention of fighting others. Young Satoshi not only dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Trainer, but also a “Pokemon Master”, and when he turns 10 he finally has the chance to make that dream come true. Unfortunately, all three trainers available for beginners have already been claimed and only Pikachu remains, a renegade electric creature. However, this chance encounter marks the beginning of a lifelong friendship and epic adventure.

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