Sasuke Retsuden's adaptation has ended and Boruto's anime has completely changed the subject, starting a new narrative arc that finally returns to narrate the events that took place in the manga of the same name. In Boruto 287 begins the saga of the code.

This new cycle of Boruto episodes begins with a reminiscence of what happened over a year ago now. Before it expires, lo Isshiki's spirit visits his devoted follower Code. The Ootsutsuki reveals to him that he is near death, but that his will is inherited from him. Tails, being a wrecked ship, will use his white karma to do this sacrifice one of Boruto or Kawaki to the Ten-Tails and eat the fruits of the chakra tree.

Back in Leaf Village, ie Scratch marks of the tails can be found near the walls. These allow him to switch between brands at will. As Boruto ponders the drugs Amado gave him to slow his Ootsutsufikazione process, Kawaki warns him of what he has discovered and reveals how much of a formidable opponent Code is. He seems even superior to Jigen, Isshiki's former ship. Code is in possession of white karma, i.e. karma unfit for an Ootsutsuki to reincarnate and which is only a weapon of pure power. Kawaki's idea is to implant Boruto's karma into code to ensure Naruto's son is saved and Momoshiki dies once and for all.

At the same time, Code travels to one of the Boro cult's secret facilities. After forcibly entering the holy place and approaching an old man named Bug, Tails awakens one of the cyborgs built by Amado that were kept hidden. Eida, the All-Knowing, has been awakened. Here is a preview of Boruto 288.

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