Chapter 312 of My Hero Academia is available on MangaPlus and has allowed readers to discover some information about a new character. the fearsome Lady Nagant. But where does his name come from, what skills does he have and what does he want from Deku? Let's find out together.

Lady Nagant was featured in the final tables of Chapter 311 of My Hero Academia, where she presented herself as one of the enemies of Deku and Pro Heroes society. In the last chapter It has been revealed that Nagant is a former heroinewho became the villain after several missions with Hawks, who in turn seems particularly keen to catch her.

This is revealed during the meeting with All for One that took place during the Tartarus mass outbreak Nagant wants the society of heroes to be destroyedand who was imprisoned in the maximum security prison after the death of a former colleague. After the villain escaped, she decided to take Overhaul, the former leader of Shie Hassaikai, with her after feeling sorry for the "wounds inflicted on him by the Society of Heroes". Of course, Shigaraki is the real culprit for Overhaul's mutilation, but Nagant seems to see his psychophysical state as a direct result of the Pro Heroes' actions.

During the fight with Deku, it is revealed that Nagant has a quirk that allows her to turn her arm into a sniper rifle and her hair into bullets. The rifle resembles a Mosin Nagant, a weapon that was used during World War II and likely inspired the villain's name.

The girl also has a second quirk, Air Walk, donated by All for One after escaping from prison. The quirk makes Nagant soar in mid-air and can be useful for escaping Deku's blows, however At the same time, it will likely shorten their life. During her meeting with All for One, the girl did not seem to fear the villain, and who knows, this did not decide to give her the power to capture Deku and at the same time shorten her life thanks to the side effect of the delegation.

We were already able to get the first answers to these questions in My Hero Academia 313, the new chapter on Sunday, May 23rd, but in all cases this now seems certain This new character will by no means play a marginal role.

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