The name Naoki Urasawa cannot be new to an anime and manga fan. It is one of the most famous and appreciated authors in the world, a real genius who has given life to many masterpieces such as Pluto. And this last series will soon become an anime.

The anime adaptation of Pluto hasn't had an easy time as some rumors even saw the project being cancelled. Fortunately, the rumors were later denied and last May, Studio MAPPA's president confirmed production of the series. Since then, however, no more rumors about it have surfaced until a latest indiscretion was confirmed in the last few hours the release year on Netflix.

So without going any further The Pluto anime will be released on Netflix in 2023, on a date to be announced shortly. However, this is excellent news for fans of the saga, also given the involvement of the American giant, which is committed to on-demand streaming and will have that exclusively. For those unfamiliar with the work in question, the plot reads as follows: "It all starts with the mysterious death of Mont Blanc, one of the most powerful robots on earth, loved by everyone. Detective Face is investigating this case and the deaths of many other robots."

And you on the other hand, what are your expectations for Pluto's anime? Let us know with a comment below.

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