L'Anime by ONE PIECE makes headlines because of TOEI Animation's wonderful animations. The Wano saga is nothing short of phenomenal, but the best is yet to come. Luffy seeks revenge! Will he be able to beat Kaido this time?

In ONE PIECE 1050, two dragons faced each other in Onigashima. Momonosuke has grown up and thanks to Luffy's words, he found the courage to fly up to the flying fortress and hit Kaido. But now Oden's son has to make room for Straw Hat, who wants to get rid of the Emperor on his own.

In Episode 1051 of ONE PIECE, Luffy orders a Momonosuke and Yamato to find a way to stop Onigashima's advance on the Flower Capital. He will be the one to defeat Kaido, no matter what the cost.

While Yamato teaches Momonosuke the secret of flying in dragon form, the other fights also continue inside the castle. Sanji and Zoro are determined to win against Queen and King so their captain can become the future King of Pirates. Cat-viper and Dog-storm reverse their clashes instead. The exchange of blows between Luffy and Kaido drove the clouds from the sky over Onigashima. With the moonlight visible again, the two residents of Zou are once again able to use the Sulong form to defeat Jack and Perospero once and for all. However, with the release of ONE PIECE 1052, the Mugiwaras face a new threat.

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