On the Edge of the Sunset season 6 of My Hero Academia kicked off with the adaptation of the Dark Deku arc. Midoriya has changed because of the war against the Supernatural Liberation Front and began to move as a lone wolf. However, he can count on the help of a protagonist who was not mistaken for canons.

As readers of the manga series had already noticed in My Hero Academia 309, the protagonist was indirectly the first animated film in the franchise mentioned from the last episode of the anime.

After defeating Muscular and bringing him to justice, Deku returns to his Sensei Toshinori Yagi for a moment to report back. Midoriya describes the situation to him and admits that he can now control the great potential of One For All better than in the past. Credit also goes to the gods Relief supplies flown in from the United States of America before the borders were blocked.

The props worn by Deku's costume are named Mid Gauntlet, a very familiar name for fans who have watched My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. In the first film of My Hero Academia Melissa Shield He had given the Full Gauntlets to Izuku, but they were destroyed after the film's battle. Basically, the ones that appeared in My Hero Academia 6×19 are an inferior version of the Full Gauntlet built by the American girl. This confirms Melissa Shield's canonicity.

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