Shueisha has been publishing his volumes earlier this month for several years. It doesn't matter if the manga is from Weekly Shonen Jump or other magazines, or if it sells little or a lot in the first 4 days of the month when the tankobons are released. But it seems that the well-known publisher decided to make one Exception to the rule for ONE PIECE this year 2020.

The world of Eiichiro Oda on September 4, 2020 should have been enriched with volume 97 of the main series, ONE PIECE Magazine 10 and ONE PIECE Colorwalk number 9. Fans have to wait a little longer, however, but there aren't any. It's nothing to worry about. As the series editor revealed on the manga's Twitter page, ONE PIECE 97 is postponed to September 16, along with ONE PIECE Magazine and ONE PIECE Colorwalk "due to various circumstances".

It is not known what these circumstances are likeif, due to the coronavirus epidemic, Shueisha has decided to limit voter turnout in the various stores, or if the production of these quantities has slowed for some reason. However, this confirms the rumors of the last few days that the catalog of ONE PIECE volumes disappeared from the catalog at the beginning of September.

Originally there was talk of a move into October due to new unexpected breaks from Eiichiro Oda, but a delay of just two weeks seems to suggest that it is not. We will therefore have to Wait a little longer to enjoy the cover of ONE PIECE Volume 97. In the meantime we have made predictions of the Battle of ONIGashima from ONE PIECE 988.

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