Everyone was waiting for chapter 385 of My Hero Academia, a chapter that would have continued the manga towards the long-awaited ending that has been debated for years. Kohei Horikoshi has now laid all villains against the protagonistspulls the reins of the situation and brings all nodes to roost, with little room for other events.

However, the chapter that was due to release on Manga Plus on Sunday April 9, 2023 has been postponed. As is now known, Kohei Horikoshi was forced into an unexpected hiatus, and such My Hero Academia was not published in Weekly Shonen Jump #19. So readers were left without a story advance for another week, but the magazine decided not to leave them completely empty-handed.

Horikoshi is also known outside of the manga for creating other illustrations and very often these are uploaded to Twitter, but not this time. That's what mangaka did a picture of Yuei's 1-A class starting the final war of My Hero Academia. This illustration, which appeared in the Post magazine of chapter 385 of the manga, gathers all twenty boys met on this way to school, with Deku on the top left, Bakugo on the top right, and in the middle everyone else, some older and some smaller, all along Black and white tones and a greenish color similar to that of the protagonist's hair, giving a three-color effect.

Class 1-A ultimate battle is in full swing what will that be The grand finale of My Hero Academia?

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