The animated implementation of Jujutsu Kaisen introduced many viewers to the incredible and dangerous universe created by the mangaka Gege Akutami and showed the beginning of the adventure of the young Yuji Itadori along with numerous characters, some of whom are particularly extravagant, such as the cursed ghost Sukuna.

In spite of Sukuna remained calm for most of the season, the internal conflict between the protagonist and the so-called curse king could deepen in the course of the coming seasons, of which there is unfortunately no official news yet. A tribute to such an important character in Yuji's story one of the most powerful creatures in the wizarding world and Curses, the passionate Danielle Vedovelli shared on social media the picture that you can find in the post below, where she tried to give Ryomen Sukuna her own interpretation and also quoted a sentence "Be proud, you are strong".

The connection between Yuji and Sukuna began in a rather unique way, with the protagonist capturing one of the fingers of the mind, which immediately showed him great strength, but also the danger of the latter, which resulted precisely from his actions, will guide him to enter theTokyo Institute of Occult Arts to try to master it. What do you think of this homage to Sukuna? Let us know in the comments.

Remember, Maki has a nice cosplay too, and we'll let you find out why Gojo is considered such a powerful wizard.

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A contribution from Danielle Vedovelli @ (@danievedo)

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