From the many enemies that appeared in the world of dragon ball, there are some that have taken the manga to even higher and more epic heights. In general, the whole so-called "Phase Z", which ranges from the saga of the Saiyans to that of Majin Buu, is full of epic moments and enemies of great depth, especially the last of each narrative arc.

The highlight is undoubtedly the Frieza saga, the penultimate saga of the series, which took place immediately after the end of the fight with Vegeta on Earth. The galactic emperor Frieza had found out about the Dragon Balls and their power, so he had gone to Namek and surprised all the protagonists. At this moment, Frieza was the strongest being in the galaxy, capable of destroying planets without too much effort, unleashing a power that seemed unparalleled even in its basic form. But this villain had many tricks up his sleeve, as later revealed in a very tough and long final fight.

However, the arrival of Goku generated one of Dragon Ball's most epic moments, a moment that would have changed the nature of Weekly Shonen Jump's Shonen battle forever, among other things. Frieza achieved his final transformation and faced Goku Super Saiyan in a battle destined to go down in history. Now you can see this villain in the guise of Dragon Ball Z and not with the recent ones of Dragon Ball Super, thanks to a realization by Villain Studios visible below.

The Frieza figure with destructive orb is available in two versions: one with a height of 35 centimeters at a price of 185 euros or on a scale from 1 to 6 and the second at 52 centimeters (scale from 1 to 4) at a price of 335 euros. The villain, in his final white transformation, creates the purple orb he intends to use to destroy the planet while resting on a pile of destroyed Namek rocks. His gaze is truly terrifying, as an evil galactic emperor should be.

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