The return of Hunter X Hunter On the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, he has reignited the passion of millions of readers who have been without a sequel to the Hunters' adventures for almost four years. As complex as it is to approach a work that now has 400 chapters, the voice actress of Gon Freecss posted a message on social media.

In the post shared by @TheHxHSource and reported at the bottom of the page, you can actually see what words the Voice actress Megumi Hanwho has been the voice of the young protagonist Gon since 1999 wanted to show his incredible bond with the series. "All people, read Hunter x Hunter...please...please', a heartfelt message, stirred by interest in a series that despite the dips remains among the most popular shonen in history.

Considering the anime ended in 2014 and no news of a hypothetical return with subsequent arcs, Han's invitation to read the manga directly, now halfway through the arc, seems even more touching. Succession dispute between the princes of the Kakin Empire. Finally we remind you that Chapter 400 of Hunter x Hunter is already done and we leave you an analysis of Beyond, son of the late Netero.

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