Boruto: Naruto Next Generation continues to be one of the most popular series from V Jump magazine, published by Shueisha, as well as the animated transposition of Pierrot, which has a large following. A popularity that will also increase thanks to the various novelties that will be presented shortly during Jump Festa 2023.

Organized by Shueisha himself, the annual convention is one of the most important dates in the Japanese animation sector and provides an important showcase of the innovations and developments that will define the industry over the next few years. In between December 17th and 18th, 2022 Many projects are therefore announced and one of the great franchise protagonists will be Boruto. They are actually listed in Abdul_S17's post reported below all appointments related to the brandwith also hypotheses related to other media that will probably make the month of December 2022 the richest in the history of the Naruto sequel.

That December 17th News about the Naruto universe will be presented, including a major announcement that according to some could even refer to a reboot of the anime. The presentation of next arc of the manga in which Code will return, now possessed again of the powers of karma. Immediately after the two-day event, the December 20, 2022 Chapter 76 of Boruto will be released on MangaPlus, while there will be new dates with the anime and the new chapters of the spin-off manga Sasuke Retsuden and Konoha Shinden.

Finally we leave you the details of all the panels that will be present at Jump Festa 2023.

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