That Dragon God from Dragon Ball also known as Shenron, according to Toriyama, was born in the year 470, but such an iconic figure has no age. Aside from being the true protagonist of the franchise, according to one possible interpretation, he's become part of the general imagination.

On the other hand, it would be rare to meet someone who wouldn't love to be able to reunite the seven Dragon Balls in real life. If there were unimaginable wishes, they would come true. However, you always have to believe in your dreams, because sometimes even the seemingly unimaginable can come true if you push your limits, as Goku and his companions have not stopped teaching us since 1984.

Of course, some wishes are easier to realize than others. For example, print the Dragon Ball Z advent calendar or decorate your body with one great tattoo: a shot, visible at the bottom of the news, has been on Twitter since December 3, 2022. Lying on one arm, Drago Shenron watches you with his signature red eyes and one of the most charismatic grins in the Shonen world. In addition, the heavily desaturated color palette contrasts with the warm orange of the representation of the fourth Dragon Ball, present towards the wrist, like the one given to the little Saiyan by Grandpa Gohan.

What do you think of this tattoo? Do you have tattoos from dragon ball and if so, which ones? Or which one would you like to commission? Welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below! In the meantime, it's worth noting that some street art by Shenron has emerged in recent months.

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