Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is joy and nostalgia for old and new fans of the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki. During these weeks, Studio Pierrot delights the eyes, ears and hearts of the viewers most loyal to the new series. Therefore, on the Internet, any news related to this is willingly shared with joy.

This time I'm the one who speaks Masashi Kudo and Saori Goda, character designer and color designer for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. With the new illustration of Ichigo and Rukia as an appetizer, we analyze the content of the interview with the two Pierrot employees.

Kudo-san: "10 years have passed and many members of the old working group for the Bleach series are no longer with us"; however, Kudo and Goda previously worked with Bleach director TYBW Taguchi during the production of Akudama drive. The leaked reflex lights were already a striking design feature in the said anime and have also created it for the new Bleach series.

"Kubo Sensei in the artwork uses a lot of black for the shadow areas and white for the highlights and we tried to keep this technique for the anime as wellsays Kudo. The colorist: "The Thousand War palette we used was recreated from the ground up, but it closely resembles that of Kubo Sensei's manga, and this is a design aspect that immediately catches the eye compared to the sagas of old". Goda adds: "the meteorological phenomena framing the events also have their meaning - in TYBW it rains at many moments, the sky is cloudy and it is night. I also wanted to use bold colors to connect with the tension between the characters". And with a laugh: "My apologies if some scenes are so dark it's hard to see what's happening".

L'full interview It can be used by continuing to tweet at the bottom of the news. In case you missed it, it should be noted that Kubo and Taguchi gave an interview on Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War in mid-November 2022.

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