In the past few months, J-POP has released the first two issues of Dandadan, one of the top 10 manga of 2022 according to Japanese booksellers. Work in the Land of the Rising Sun began on April 6, 2021 in the magazine Shonen Leap + by Shueisha and immediately won over many readers. To date, Dandadan has a total of 80 chapters and 7 volumes.

Recently, Wit Studio had posted a possible lead about the Dandadan anime and started following the Twitter page of Tatsu Yukinobu, author of the manga. The young Japanese author's hilarious story hasn't received any official announcement regarding an animated adaptation yet, but news could be coming soon.

According to well-known insider @Spanku_u, Dandadan will get an anime adaptation. The news was already in the air given the manga's success, but the confirmation of a major leaker has kindled fans' hearts. We're obviously just talking about a rumor, but we wouldn't be surprised if an official announcement comes in the next few daysAnime by Dandadan by a major animation studio.

But what is Dandadan talking about? At the center of the story is the high school student Momo Ayase, convinced by her grandmother that ghosts exist in our world. For a series of events, the young woman will get to know each other Ken Takakura, nerd of the same age and constantly abused by his peers. He is sure of the existence of aliens, and meeting Momo will lead them both to investigate each other's beliefs.

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