Dragon Ball Super has introduced numerous variations of Akira Toriyama's manga so that Goku and the Z-Warriors can become even more powerful. However, the latest result does not leave much room for new power-ups, also due to the new strength of the protagonist, who now seems to be looking for his own kind.

Goku has grown a lot thanks to the final chapter, a maturation that has been absent from the franchise for many years. By training with Merus, he began to notice his shortcomings, namely his inability to fight for the good of the universe. This choice has led him several times in the past to endanger numerous lives, both in terms of freezer, which among other things resembles Molo for certain properties, which of cell.

Even so, the achievement of the Ultra Perfect Instinct has finally highlighted how powerful Goku really got thanks to divine technology. Finally, in chapter 64, Toyotaro wanted to devote a short box to the expressions of Whis and Beerus before the Saiyan's fatal fist. In fact, the angel had never shown any signs of astonishment and had always viewed the fight with a neutral eye and a lot of passivity. However, the shock wave generated by the protagonist could not even hold Whis indifferent and was forced to look away from this incredible source of power.

How far can Goku go with Ultra Perfect Instinct? Let us know yours with a comment below.

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