My Hero Academia 5: when does the new season appear?

My hero academia is today one of the hottest projects in the current Shonen landscape. Kohei Horikoshi and Studio Bones actually managed to bring into fashion a franchise that has managed to meet the needs and expectations of an ever larger audience. To date, the series actually has 4 seasons, one of which is in preparation.

But when will My Hero Academia 5 be produced? A first hint of this came out last July when the anime's composer, Yuki Hayashi, confirmed on his social channels that he had finished recording the soundtrack. Adding meat to the fire was a recent comment from Liborek3, one of the biggest insiders related to Studio bones.

Commenting on a user's response, Liborek added that the production of My Hero Academia 5 was now at an advanced stage and it was more than legitimate to expect it to air for the next spring. So we only have to wait a few months before we can admire the adventures of Deku and the A-Class again after the turbulent events of last season.

As for you, what do you expect from the new series instead? As usual, please give us a comment in the reserved area below. To get through the wait, we recommend checking out our in-depth special with the sagas that are expected to be adapted in My Hero Academia 5.

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