The detailed presentation of Asa Mitaka's character and the introduction of the war devil with whom the girl made a pact to stay alive served as a kind of prologue to the second part of the manga. chainsaw man. Now Denji is back in action, but soon he will have to deal with two enemies of different nature.

In which Chapter 109 of Chainsaw Man, already published on the MangaPlus platform, the fight between Asa and Yoru against the devil, in which a girl has become a companion, comes to an end thanks to Denji's intervention. However, the protagonist doesn't even bother to hide his identity just before he turns and rages at the huge and ferocious devil in front of a crowd that has gathered in the street, drawn by this confusion.

Thinking only of becoming more and more popular, Denji flaunts his transformation despite keeping his identity a secret. A superficiality that could lead numerous problems the protagonist in his normal everyday student life. Also, towards the end of the chapter, Denji faces Yoru. War Devil is interested in taking on Chainsaw Man to pay outstanding bills. That Fujimoto already intends to depict the clash between the two? Tell us what you weigh in the comments.

Finally, we remind you that Chainsaw Man is the most read series on MangaPlus and we leave you to a berserk-style Chainsaw Man fanart.

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