The cartoon Pokémon exploration continues to thicken the Pokédex of the two protagonists. After the sensational capture of a legendary, this time an eighth generation starter will join the Go team.

As expected from a Pokémon Exploration leak that surfaced in the next episode of the anime A Grookey will debut. The grassy Pokémon, one of the three initials of the Pokémon Sword and Shield video games, along with Scorbunny and Sobble, appears to have been lost by its trainer, and Ash and Go have to help him find his way home.

The promotional image of episode 59 of Pokémon Exploration entitled "A Grookey is Lost! Who's the Trainer ?!" Seems like a kind of highlighting though Bond between Grookey and Go. When it looked like a new shot was touching Ash, the animated series puts the young and inexperienced trainer at the center of attention.

This move could share the opinion of the audience, but it confirms how the character of Go is gradually becoming more important. That can be Ash after twenty-three seasons of honored career retired?

Grookey could be one fundamental addition to the team of Go. The little monkey has grass-type and dark-type movements, and progressing to Rillaboom develops powerful skills. In the previews of the next episodes of Pokémon Explorations, the two protagonists return to Kalos.

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