There Season 6 of My Hero Academia It's on Sunset Blvd. Episode 24, which will air Saturday, March 18, 2023, will actually be the penultimate of this part of the animated adaptation. The My Hero Academia Black Hero saga is drawing to a close, but will Class 1-A be able to save Izuku Midoriya?

In episode 23 of My Hero Academia 6 the Class 1-A managed to 100% beat Deku's One For All Pseudo through the combined efforts of Bakugo, Shoto, Ochaco, and the others. The class leader, Iida, manages to grab Izuku's hand, who eventually gives in to his companions' words and memories.

An exhausted Deku who passed out due to the extreme conditions he was in, was brought back to Yuei, which since its escape has been used as a haven for evacuated civilians and a stronghold against rogues. There However, the residents of UA High School are upset by Midoriya's arrival, who senses that he is the famous "One For All" wanted by All For One. People started a huge protest that almost stopped Deku from returning. Almost, because thanks to Ochaco's support, the hero will be brave.

In My Hero Academia 6x24 Midoriya will officially return within the walls of Yuei. The protests will not stop, they will almost escalate into violence. Who will stop the uprising and save Midoriya from darkness?

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