Black Clover: Does Asta have no magical powers because of his mother?

With the new story arc from Black clover Fans have finally discovered a lot more about Asta and his devil. A recent event would also have revealed the reason why the protagonist cannot use magical abilities.

To sign an official contract with his devil and unlock all his power, Asta had to resort to it a mysterious ritual who put him in front of the demon. This confrontation allowed Black Clover fans to uncover the truth about the devil hiding inside Asta's body.

During a look back at the devil's past, franchise creator Yuki Tabata has finally revealed the identity of Asta's mother;; This sensational revelation may have explained why the protagonist was born without magical powers.

In chapter 270 of Black Clover, Asta ends the devil binding ritual by putting his hand on love and by signing a pact with him. This event causes the devil to ponder his past and remind him of the woman who greeted him, named him, and sacrificed herself to save him. This mysterious figure is none other than Asta's mother Licita.

According to the memories of love, Licita possessed a magical power that could steal life and mana from everything around her. This ability would therefore have subtracted the magical powers to the newborn auction. Here's why the protagonist can't use arcane art. Will he be able to regain his strength one day? Meanwhile, Nacht has revealed her true demonic form in Black Clover.

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