Ash Ketchum's adventure in the World Coronation Series comes to a close with an epic battle against reigning champion Dandel of Galar. The anime of Pokemon: Explorations now nearing the end, after 130 episodes released in three years and waiting to discover the future of the series, here is a new preview of the final of the tournament.

The rise of Ketchum has been endured and fought throughout the competition, but eventually the protagonist is one step away from it Get the most coveted title in the Pokémon universe. A milestone that, if achieved, would mark a perfect curtain in Ash's story, which some rumor has it might give up the lead role permanently from the next season of the anime.

However, before this hypothetical farewell, a new promotional video was released dedicated to the most difficult battle yet of Ash's Pikachu, the trainer's first historical companion. In the video below, Dragonite is quickly shown versus Rillaboom, and immediately after that the scene switches to Menace Champion Charizard tries to hit Pikachuwearing Ash's hat. As we know, the electric type is super effective against the flying type, but that doesn't make the challenge easier for the protagonists. Surprisingly, it also appears eternity hurling its infinite ray into the Knuckleburgh sky.

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