One of the most followed series on Weekly Shonen Leap it is the Shonen battle Tokyo Revengers. Ken Wakui's Toman goons have garnered an incredible following, which has only grown with the release of Liden Films' anime adaptation. The manga has reached chapter 276 where we are at the end of the story.

As announced in October, the end of Tokyo Revengers is imminent and will come after 5 years of publication in the magazine. With 65 million copies in circulationwe are convinced of that Weekly shonen Jump will miss work wakuibut immediately sets out in search of a new hit for the readers.

As reported by @gaak_fr, Tokyo Revengers officially ends on November 16th with the release of Chapter 278. On this occasion, Weekly Shonen Magazine It will have a cover dedicated to the work, as well as a color illustration by Toman. So we are only 2 chapters away from completing the adventures Takemichi Hanagakiwho must save his present by going through the world of thugs of the past.

How to console yourself after the end of Tokyo Revengers? On Weekly Shonen Magazine The Tokyo Revengers spin-off about Baji and Chifuyu, characters loved by fans, has already begun. Otherwise, you might be waiting for the release of Tokyo Revengers Season 2, which is also produced by liden movies.

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