Almost forty years have passed since the debut of Hokuto no Ken, a legendary work of the past, but which the new generations may not know. Considered one of the founding fathers of modern shonen, we relived the introduction and central part of the story. This is how Buronson and Tetsuo Hara's manga ends.

In the third part of Ken the Warrior we put an end to that toki's death, the older brother of the protagonist. Dismayed by the countless deaths he has endured, Ken sets out knowing that the world will continue with its violence as long as Raoul's reign continues.

In this fourth and last part of the manga we will get to know them Five stars in the circle of Nanto, the bodyguards of the sixth holy warrior of Nanto. Each of them is guided by an element, Hyui, the son of the wind, Shuren of the flames, Fudo of the mountain, Riahku of the sea and Juza of the clouds face Raoul one by one. The only one who gets him in trouble is Juza, who steals the Black King's horse from him and runs away with him. Its purpose is to distract Raoul and allow Kenshiro to continue his advance.

Finally, Fudo Ken reveals this true identity of the Sixth Holy Warrior of Nanto: his beloved Julia. The woman was able to survive as she was rescued by the Five Stars, who had warned Shin that Raoul was madly in love with her and that he had plotted her kidnapping. So Shin decided to fake Julia's death in the first part of Ken the Warrior. Even Raoul, after getting rid of Juza, manages to guess the identity of the Sixth Holy Warrior of Nanto.

Soon, Raoul and Ken fight. However, Ken's strength has grown disproportionately since they last met, learning the technique from Musou Tensei, Hokuto's Last Secret. Raoul is petrified with fear for the first time, but due to an accident he manages to find Julia and flee with her. The accident causes Kenshiro to go blind.

Blinded by madness, Raoul decides that he must kill his own lover to become stronger. Julia sacrifices herself and Raoul goes in search of his brother Ken. The fight between the two is mind-blowing as both have mastered Hokuto's secrets. However, during the fight, Ken reveals to Raoul that he has always admired him and that both he and Toki would have turned down their role of appointing him as the successor to the Divine School of Hokuto had he not allowed himself to be blinded by the darkness.

Finally, Ken prevails and kills Raoul, who had not killed Julia but actually allowed her to survive the disease that was slowly killing her. With his fist raised to the sky, Raoul dies. A new era of peace begins as Ken and Julia ride the Black King.

there fourth part of Ken the Warrior collects the manga chapters from 110 to 137, which correspond to the anime episodes from 78 to 109. We also leave you to the summary of the second part of Ken the Warrior.

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