The Kawaki Saga in Ninja Academy has reached a dark turning point. As Konoha and the Land of Bamboo feared, Princess Kae was attacked by a mysterious assassin. But when the case seemed closed, the killer finally struck. How will theyOriginal Boruto bow?

Kae's killer was discovered by Kawaki and committed suicide to avoid being captured by the Leaf's ninja. In reality it was a staging by the enemy. That The real killer is still at large and goes straight to the academy.

It's there to want Kae dead teacher Hanna, that in Boruto 270 throws off the mask. Hana is docile and kind, and hides a second personality that drives her to commit terrible atrocities. As this dark identity takes hold of him, Kae falls victim to yet another attempted murder.

By staging a field trial day, Hana pushes the academy students out of Leaf Village. On a remote island he can finally fulfill his mission undisturbed. However, it draws the attention of Kawaki and Himawari, who They manage to notice the crime. Unfortunately, their intervention comes too late and in Boruto 271, Kae is killed.

In Boruto 272, Kawaki and Himawari inform their companions of the reality of the facts. United, the students of the academy will face the teacher Hana. But is Kae really dead? Boruto episode 272 will be released on Crunchyroll on October 23rd.

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