The last two chapters of Boruto have led to an unexpected acceleration of the narrative. Kawaki has made a fundamental yet dangerous decision and turned against the entire village of Konoha, including his close friend Boruto. However, when attempting to intervene directly, the protagonist was wounded and the scar will remain.

The Leaf Village is left without its best ninja. The Seventh Hokage, Naruto and his wife Hinata were imprisoned by Kawasaki in a dimension where they are not in danger. A calculated farewell to the boy to be more free to kill Borutowho was now slowly transforming into an Otsutsuki due to the Karma mark and Momoshiki's intervention after the fatal attack he suffered as a code near Konoha.

Kawaki intercepts Boruto on the Hokage's stone walls and immediately attacks. Then the two come joined Sarada, after learning of his friend's death and how he was brought back to life by Momoshiki. Despite Kawaki's threats, young Uchiha tries to protect Boruto only to draw one of the powerful attacks upon himself.

The protagonist pushes them away by taking the attack and is badly injured. Now a deep scar is engraved on Boruto's right eye, same one shown in the flash forward that launched the series. The time warp introduced in the first few pages of the manga therefore seems to be approaching, although after the arrival of Shikamaru and Sasuke, Kawaki was released to flee from Momoshiki himself.

What do you think of this preview of the clash between Kawaki and Boruto that was shown at the beginning? Tell us in the comments. Before you say goodbye, here's the Boruto Chapter 79 release date and theories, as well as some fan art showing Sarada as an adult.

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