The protagonist of Jujutsu KaisenYuji Itadori is certainly not a symbol of the originality of anime and manga culture, but author Gege Akutami has worked hard to make way for his hero to emerge and differentiate through careful psychological evolution.

However, Sukuna's gambit in the last chapter broke his psyche again after the Shibuya disaster. Megumi's possessionin fact, is another blow to the sanity of the protagonist, who after the is already in serious jeopardy Departure of Megumi and Nanami.

Of course, the protagonist will probably still be able to call on his powers thanks to this long-awaited narrative subterfuge from Gojo, but what really remains for Yuji are his promises made to his grandfather and Nanami himself. And it is precisely in the nature of Itadori, who is no longer a scapegoat, to fight evil even without receiving anything in return. We have to discover the next chapters to see how the wizard will stand up after the incredible blow that Sukuna has suffered.

And you, on the other hand, what developments do you expect from the characterization of the protagonist after the final twist? As usual, let us know your hypothesis on this with a comment below.

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