As Kohei Horikoshi himself has long revealed, My hero academy entered his final story arc. The final act of the opera sees one final great battle between heroes and villains. This decides the future of the Society of Heroes. However, there are some unsolved plots before the end of the story.

Numerous questions were asked leave pending and You will probably never find an answer. In fact, the war has now completely taken over the protagonists, who can only summarize what happened at the end.

While not fundamental to the plot, fans would like to know more details on Rector Nezu. He was born with the high-spec quirk, a uniqueness that grants him an intelligence superior to any other living thing. However, it appears to have been experimented on by humans. How did he go from being a "lab rat" to director of Japan's most prestigious institute?

All Might has ever fought Gigantomachy? This could be one of opera's greatest battles, one based on nothing but brute force. We'd love to see this fight in a possible character spin-off.

Alongside All For One and the original Destro, history's greatest criminals include one more Oji Harima. The thief is strongly associated with the character of Mr. Compress, but has since been captured by the forces of good. Harima's story might have deserved a little more mention, even if it's too late now.

who is the Izuku Midroiya's father? We don't know much about the father of the protagonist of My Hero Academia, except that he had to go to work when Deku was very young. What kind of quirk does he have, if he has one, and why has he never shown up? A cameo at the end of the story is almost a must.

The Quirk Singularity concept is very important in My Hero Academia. But is there a way to stop it? As the generations pass, the uniqueness becomes more and more powerful. This could lead to that in the future End of the Society of Heroes.

Who is really All For One? His face has never appeared in public. In fact, we only know his last name, which he gave to Tomura, and a relative, the first owner of One For All. It's obvious that Horikoshi likes to keep this character in the shadows to balance it out by being darker. Will we ever learn more about him?

It was All For One that gave Shigaraki the decay? In Tomura's flashback, we see that despite his heroic lineage as a child, he didn't have a Quirk. Until the day he went mad with anger and emotion, little Tenko Shimura was thought not to have one. What if it was All For One monitoring the situation remotely to give him the gift of decay?

The doctor who told little Midoriya that he was "without Quirk" has a strong side Resemblance to Doctor Garaki. What if the forensic scientist actually stole the quirks of the brightest kids and then donated them to All For One?

How the Quirks were born, in reality? What caused this phenomenon is still a mystery. Could it be genetic evolution?

A mystery that will surely be solved shortly is the final quirk of Deku's One For All. Inherited from the second track, this power has not yet been shown. From what has been revealed, it's very difficult to use, so much so that Midoriya couldn't use it to reach the Shigaraki battleground.

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