Born thanks to a former director of the famous Gainax, it Studio Trigger in 2010 she managed to get talked about for her souls. In the middle of this 2020 he presented his new product, BNA: Brand New Animal published on Netflix in recent days. In recent years, however, there have been many other products including the studio's series and films.

The Brand New Animal studio ended in a storm in the past few days due to a problem that seems to involve far more than a Japanese animation studio. In fact, on the occasion of one of the last souls prepared by Studio Trigger, there seems to have been a problem with the payment of workers' salaries.

To give information is Magazine Posse, whose message has been translated from Japanese into the tweet that you can see at the bottom of the news. According to the account, the Japanese company Black Union managed to get an agreement with Studio Trigger after the latter had not paid overtime to its animators. The name of the project that caused this controversy is not known, although it appears to be Brand New Animal's animation studio later settled the bill stating that the cause of this misunderstanding is derived from an error in the functioning of the work system.

Meanwhile Studio Trigger is preparing to bring Cyberpunk: Edgerunners to Netflix.

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