Behind the character of Amado is the whole narrative of the last chapters Boruto: Naruto the next generations. One of the most enigmatic protagonists ever created by Masashi Kishimoto, he is the father of the Kara Organization's cyborg men as well as the direct manager of Kawaki's Karma. But what emotional bond is he hiding?

Boruto 70's final twist puts Amado's life on the line. However, it is highly unlikely that the scientist could die now. Indeed man still hides many secretsincluding that on his descendants.

According to one of the most accepted theories, Amado is Eida's father. As he told the Seventh Hokage, Amado was the Father of a daughter who died about 12 years ago from the beginnings of Boruto. It is plausible that the scientist used his knowledge of DNA and Otsutsuki to reincarnate his daughter's spirit into what we know today as Eida. To further this theory there is also the fact that Eida feels a strong hatred for humans for some reason.

Recently, however, a new theory has been born that is in direct contrast to the one above. It's not Eida la Reincarnation of Amado's daughter, but kawaki. That would explain why Amado is so interested in the Hokage's young protĂŠgĂŠ, why he is willing to sacrifice everything to not lose Kawaki. Amado, keep moving Boruto's strings in the dark.

The scientist showed no interest in abandoning Kashin Koji. However, in Kawaki's case, he did the opposite. Why show such concern when Kawaki isn't linked to him by a family relationship?

Throughout history we have been told that the Kawaki's dad is such a kokatsu, a drunkard who sold his son to Jigen for a few handfuls of coins. What if Kokatsu was the very man Amado had confided in Kawaki?

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