The waiting for Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, the new feature film in the franchise, is now coming to an end. On June 11th, cinemas across Japan will be filled with fans of the Z warriors who must protect the earth from the fearsome new androids of the Red Ribbon Army.

In the third teaser trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero we saw a moment of confrontation that will start the movie, this is the one in between Piccolo and Gohan. The Namek can't understand why Gohan doesn't find time to pick up his daughter Pan from school because he's too busy with his research. In addition, he also asks how it is possible that the son of Goku stops training and receives an answer that will infuriate him: Gohan believes that there will always be a salvation of the earth Goku and Vegeta.

but what Gohan is studying so important that you forget your daughter at school and give up your education? As we can see from @'s tweetDBS Chronicleswho analyzed the image of the confrontation between Piccolo and Gohan from the teaser trailer, the Saiyan did the study full of books about insects. We never expected that one of the strongest Z warriors would go on to become an entomologist, but it has to be said that Gohan has had a passion for the outdoors since he was a child.

As previously announced, Gohan and Piccolo will be the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, while three characters are rumored to play a marginal role. Of course, not everyone will always be the center of the scene, but the fact that these three are not important are definitely news.

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