Love him or hate him, Sasuke Uchiha is a character destined to stay in history. The dark character from the series Naruto it has had its ups and downs throughout history, but now everything seems to have calmed down.

Thanks to this artist's contribution, Sasuke's fans have now grown exponentially We know what Naruto would have been like if Sasuke had been a girl.

This viral tweet was posted by Kyngromaine, but it was artist Kazhmiran on Tumblr who created this edit. After seeing what Sasuke would be like if he were a woman, the fandom literally went insane and raised many questions about how what (and if) would change in history. Maybe Sasuke could get Naruto away from Hinata and the couple would end up together, who knows.

Some users were quick to praise the great changes that were made to the Uchiha and they admit it It would be fun to explore such a universe. Sasuke's rivalry with Itachi might have been different if he had had a younger sister. The Uchiha clan's view of Sasuke can also be different.

Others believe that nothing would change if you switched sex, except for Sasuke's style. Obviously, We'll never know what the story would be like if it were set in this universe, but this fan art offers a vision of this world and is very interesting!

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