Several months have passed since the release of Berserk 371, the latest chapter in the saga of the island of elves that has brought another crisis for the manga's protagonist. Gatsu is getting more and more exhaustedtired and disillusioned, with a despair that overcame him after the last fight with Griffith ended badly.

The release of Berserk Chapter 371 in the final months of 2022 marked the conclusion of the first cycle of chapters created by Koji Mori and Studio GAGA, with the group taking a long hiatus before releasing the protagonist's new path. The However, the Black Knight is about to returnas dragon Doratan had already communicated in the past few hours.

The Berserk Chapter 372 will be released on April 28, 2023 in Young Animal, double issue 9-10. The release is therefore very close and not only that, since the publisher has decided to celebrate the return with a color page that will open the chapter. Kentaro Miura's manga, which is still ongoing despite his death, will therefore be continued with another saga that will present Gatsu with a new, unprecedented challenge.

Of course, we remind you that the publication of the chapter is envisaged only in Japan, since Young Animal Magazine and Hakusensha Publishing House do not offer official publishing services, and their products are translated into English or other languages ​​​​in Simulpub abroad. Anyway, the uBerserker 372 Scythians is an excellent signal to readers and fans from all over the world who have been following the dark epic of Kentaro Miura for years.

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