Less than ten days before its premiere in Japanese cinemas, TOEI Animation ramps up the hype with another short promotional clip. The protagonists of the teaser are Ultimate Gohan and Piccolo, who are involved in a new fight.

After the superhero trailer with Gohan, Goku's son is back Protagonist in a third PV. In the video that you can find at the end of the article we see how Piccolo raises his hand to Gohan. Next we see his fight with Gamma 1. The fight gives way to Piccolo's destructive power and then to Gohan Super Saiyan.

Alongside the footage, other succulents were also announced Details of the film's narration. After revealing the songs of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero soundtrack, here are the plot details.

During the course of the film, Piccolo receives a video call from Videl. The girl will ask him aGo and pick up little Pan from school, since Dad Gohan is too busy with her research and she is busy teaching a martial arts class. Piccolo, arriving at Gohan's house, will angrily ask why he thinks his family's research is the most important.

Piccolo asks about that too which is why Gohan doesn't train anymore. He replies that if a new threat to Earth should arise, his father and Vegeta will take care of it. angrier than before Piccolo will try to meet Gohan, who however manages to block the punch. At this point, Piccolo gives Gohan his own clothes and then goes to get Pan.

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