The change of scenery marked by the start of Season 4 has brought new characters to Attack of the Giants, some very nice, others immediately able to irritate audiences. Among controversial persons with important problems there were also pick fingers to win fans quickly.

Like Reiner, Bertholt and Annie, Pieck Finger belongs to the small group of children who took part in the tests to become bearers of a giant. Among the various cadets of Eldian blood, she was allowed to gain the power of the giant chariot, suited not for combat but more for support operations.

Upon her first approach to the world of Attack of the Giants, cosplayer RottenKraken decided to give one a go Pieck finger cosplay. Apparently she loves the character and that's why she was so keen to do it well, and in fact the result can be seen in the photo below: This Pieck wears the beige military uniform that distinguishes the soldiers in the service of Marley's Empire, and not she doesn't wear the red one Sash identifying her as a special Eldian.

they also will return for the final part of The Attack of the Giants with the final part of last season next year.

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