The Land of the Sun is a land very far from the continent that all readers know Black clover You know. So far, only one figure was known from this area: Yami Sukehiro. The teleportation Asta was involved in compelled him to get in touch with the denizens of that land, even the powerful Ichika Yami.

The girl is one of the seven Ryuzen, the strongest warriors in the Land of the Sun, currently helping Asta train. But there is a threat to Black Clover's protagonist: Lucius Zogratis has decided to send some of his paladins in this distant land to hold back a changing future. Sister Lily also attacks, but the three paladins who flew in found a group of very strong warriors in front of them.

That The finale of Black Clover 344 features five of the seven Ryuzen, including Ichika, on top of a building, ready to defend their country. Besides Captain Yami's sister, there are three faces we already know: Jozo, Komari, and Daizaemon. The final gift is instead an elegant-looking woman holding a sword, although this has not yet been presented.

Instead the The last two Ryuzen are with Asta. Will these defenses be enough to protect the Far Eastern land of Black Clover?

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