Author Kohta Hirano is one of the most established in the manga scene. In the 90's he gave birth to one of the most fascinating vampire worlds thatHellsing with Alucard protagonist, which not only remained manga but also became an anime appreciated during this period. The career then continued with another valuable title of caliber drifters.

Hellsing is still remembered today with Alucard statuettes and other products, and many fans follow the author for this brutal work with a 90's horror flavor. This is how Kohta Hirano stayed in touch with his audienceextended from the Drifters anime, and to whom he shared the latest changes in his health, which is unfortunately not in a good state.

The Hellsing and Drifters writer has revealed to his fans that he has been hospitalized due to the poor condition of his digestive system. More accurate, Kohta Hirano suffers from pancreatitis and at the moment he was operated. On November 27, the date of his notification, it was stated that he was suffering from severe postoperative pain.

There is nothing we can do but wait for more information from the mangaka, wait for him to recover and come back to life without further worrying about his condition.

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