The violent victory against the Fel Eternal has left Denji joyful and knowing that he will receive a reward. The protagonist of chainsaw man he finally seems to have reached a point in his life where he can experience happiness and joy even if he still has wishes to fulfil. However, one of them doesn't work as it should.

The party, which also makes the other devil hunters better known, ends with Chainsaw Man 1x07's disgusting kiss, which however somehow Denji brings Himeno closer. And it is the two who are, in large part, the protagonists of the new video promoting Episode 8, out today, November 29, 2022 on Crunchyroll and other platforms.

That Chainsaw Man 1x08 Trailer sees Denji and Himeno still in bed, in low light, and then head to the porch, where Himeno appears to be proposing to the protagonist. Meanwhile, however, something happens in town, Makima boards a train, and Aki faces a devil with swords instead of arms, and another blade sticking out of his forehead.

So it's time to move on to one new threat in Chainsaw Man 1x08? The episode in question will appear on Crunchyroll in the next few hours.

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